Volunteer day! Court cleanup/weeding for NBRC tennis courts

Hey tennis players and player parents. I know we all like to complain – and often rightly so – about the conditions of our public courts here in Boulder. Well, it’s time to put our money… er, labor… where our mouth is.

It just so happens that Boulder Parks and Recreation (BPR) has scheduled the North Boulder Recreation Center tennis and pickleball courts for resurfacing soon. But the courts are in need of some TLC before that can take place, mostly in the form of grubbing vegetation out of the cracks, removing weeds from the perimeter, and other forms of light manual labor.

BTA has offered to partner with BPR to make that happen. We’re organizing a volunteer cleanup/weeding day at the NBRC courts for next Sunday, July 10, from 9:00 a.m. through, well, whenever we get sick of it, and we need some good volunteers to make it happen.

We all know how thin BPR is stretched in terms of maintaining tennis and pickleball courts – not to mention playgrounds, swimming pools, dog parks, soccer fields, bike trails, etc., etc. We, the members of BTA, may not have briefcases full of money to throw at court improvement, but what we do have is commitment and enthusiasm and lots of potential volunteers. The fact is, we can’t expect to be taken seriously as a force for improving Boulder tennis without bringing something to the table. This cleanup/weeding day is a chance for the Boulder tennis community to do just that.

You’ll need to dress in your best Home and Garden Network work clothes, preferably with a Martha Stuart label. (Kidding!) But Parks and Rec does recommend close-toed shoes, long pants (for the kneeling), a hat, work gloves, sunscreen and a refillable water bottle (additional water will be provided). BPR also recommends long sleeves, but use your own discretion. Also, although BPR will be providing some equipment and guidance, it wouldn’t hurt to bring along your favorite gardening tool to root out those pesky weeds.

We certainly won’t turn away anyone who shows up at the time of the cleanup. But if you know you’re taking part, it will help with our planning if you send an email to volunteer@bouldertennis.org and let us know who you are and what time window you’ll be there for. Anything from half an hour up is acceptable. The BTA board will provide juice and snacks (but you’ll have to cater your own vanilla crème latte’s).

Let us know. And thanks!

The BTA Board

Volunteer cleanup crew in front of the Flatirons