View new court site plans and offer feedback

Thanks to everyone attending the Parks and Rec March 4th meeting presenting their Court System Plan. We all got to view the site plans, hear the planners’ logic for their choices, and offer feedback to individual representatives in the Q&A afterwards.

For those who couldn’t make it and are curious about the plans or want to offer feedback, it’s all available online, including a feedback form. The form is simple, just a large text box where you can offer up your ideas. (The feedback form will be available through March 15.)

You can find all the resources on the Court System Plan project webpage…

A brief scroll down the page will give you links to…

  • A Feedback Form
  • Large views of the sites and court locations PDF
  • A video recording of the March 4 public meeting

The plan images presented on the Feedback Form are tiny, so we suggest you open up the “Large Views” PDF on something other than a smartphone to get a good idea of where they plan to place courts.

Some feedback offered at the meeting: 1) why are the basketball courts being preserved in the new EBRC plans (never see anyone using them); 2) please equip tennis courts with sheltered benches between courts; 3) in light of probable long delays between EBRC courts and any other new courts, we need eight dedicated courts at EBRC; 4) all courts should be lighted for those who can only play after work. Feel free to offer your own!

As for the meeting itself, it became apparent that all these plans are in the very early stages. All statements were couched in terms like “up to,” or “depending on,” etc. And we have heard from reliable sources that there are serious obstacles to meeting some of the projected deadlines – especially around the Valmont Park project in stage two. And, of course, funding for anything beyond the first EBRC stage is still a work in progress.

That said, we salute the City of Boulder and the Parks Department for initiating the Court System Plan in the face of these challenges, and for keeping the public informed as the project unfolds.

As for the BTA Board, we think understanding the time scale is critical. This isn’t so much a tennis revolution for Boulder as an evolution. Getting anything done in Boulder is a challenge and we’re still in the early innings. But if we continue to pay attention and work together with the City and Parks Department, there’s no reason the entire Court System Plan can’t come to a successful finish.

Take a look and see what you think!

The BTA Board

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