2024 BTA Austin Scott Memorial Tournament Canceled

The Boulder Tennis Association Board of Directors regretfully announces that there will be no Austin Scott Memorial Tournament in 2024 due to the lack of a suitable tennis venue in the Boulder area.

A tournament of this size requires a facility with at least six (ideally more) courts. There are only two facilities in Boulder that fit that description: Centennial Middle School courts and the CU South Campus courts. In addition, it requires the courts to be available for a minimum one weekend of all-day play and one week of evening play, and that they be lined for tennis only.

The CU South campus courts have been home to the tournament for a number of years. But with the closing of the Rocky Mountain Tennis Center (RMTC) in downtown Boulder, their operations have been moved to the CU South courts for the duration of the summer. This makes those courts unavailable for the Austin Scott. In addition, the CU South courts are slated for eventual removal to make way for new CU South Campus development. We may never have access to those courts again.

As for the Centennial Middle School courts, the school district has indicated that any usage of those courts for a non-school tournament would be incompatible with their need to keep the courts available for school teams and activities.

The BTA Board of Directors explored many other possible options for holding the tournament this year, but all of them would involve moving the tournament to a neighboring community miles away from Boulder. Although scheduling difficulties made that impossible this year, there is the potential for that in the future, although it would seriously impact the status of the Austin Scott as a “Boulder tennis” event. 

It is notable that the City of Boulder, unlike Longmont, Thornton, and other nearby municipalities, has no tennis facility that offers more than five courts at any location. And though there are some plans to change that, they will not come to fruition for several years. So the future of the Austin Scott Memorial Tournament, a 56-year-old Boulder tennis tradition, at the moment is in question.

Below we offer you archival information on the 2023 tournament, to remind us all of what we are now missing.


2023 56th Annual BTA Austin Scott Memorial Tournament

The 56th Annual Austin Scott Memorial Tournament, held May 10 – 19, in now complete. And despite numerous challenges the weather threw our way, we were able to finish championship matches in all but one on our 24 player categories  — thanks in no small part to the understanding and good humor of all those who took part. And special thanks to our major sponsor, DownShift Financial.

This year, 245 players participated in the tournament. We had 33 champions and 33 finalists bringing home trophies. (See list below for all winners.)

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Austin Scott montage 2022

Thanks to all the generous sponsors of this years event! 

2023 Austin Scott Sponsor Logos


2023 Austin Scott Winners and Finalists

Austin Scott montage 2022