The next BTA Winter Social at RMTC is this Saturday Jan. 22nd… 8:00 – 10:00 p.m


The next BTA winter social is coming up fast and will be fun and exciting as usual !

It will be held in the Rocky Mountain Tennis Center bubble, located on the south side of the Millennium Hotel, 1345 28th Street, 80302. This event is for players at USTA 3.5 and above.

 Play is a round-robin format: after a warm-up, play will consist of three 35-minute rounds, with players moving up or down a court depending on results. So everyone gets a chance to meet and play against new players each round.

Please register as soon as possible. It’s first come, first served on the three indoor courts, so twelve players maximum. Court costs are $20.00 per person. To register, go to our Winter Socials page.

As per RMTC and Boulder County Public Health pandemic restrictions, proof of vaccination is required if you want to play without a mask. The unvaccinated are required to mask up inside the bubble. If for some reason a registered player finds that they are unable to attend, he/she is responsible for filling their spot. Should an issue come up, you can contact Eduardo at


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