The Boulder County Cup


Register to play in this fun, exciting , free event hosted by the BTA in 2022.

Boulder County Cup is a fun day of tennis vs our other tennis association friends at the CVTA and LTA. This will be the 16th Cup,  the last one was played in 2019 before Covid.  

Play is based on WTT (World Team Tennis) format, a fun fast paced game (W dubs, M dubs and Mixed dubs) that allows for coaching and subbing during the match. It’s a great morning of tennis that includes the social camaraderie, plus free food and drink. 

BTA needs men and women of 3.0/3.5/4.0 levels.Levels will be played from (6.0/8.0), each level will consist of 3-4 men and 3-4 women and playing M doubles, W doubles and Mixed doubles.  All the details of the format etc. will be explained on the day. 

Sign up or call with questions : Chris DeCicco , 303-919-0768, or Tom Galey 303-246-1441.  SIGN UP TODAY!

The BTA Board