Successful Volunteer Day at NBRC tennis courts

A big thanks to all the BTA members/volunteers who came out last Sunday, July 10, to partner with Parks and Recreation and help prep the North Boulder Rec Center tennis courts for resurfacing. There were something like fifteen or sixteen of you — a little hard to keep absolute count since people kept wandering in and out — and at least one dog. Two and a half hours of weeding work, interrupted by some brunch time and team picture posing, and it turned out to be not half bad. Strange to say, I think a good time was had by all.

More importantly, this was a step toward improving a couple of our public courts much in need of some help. By the time we finished, the two tennis-only courts were weed free and ready for resurfacing. It was also a good way to demonstrate to the Parks and Recreation Department and to City Council that people in Boulder take their tennis and their tennis courts seriously. So pretty much a win-win-win for Boulder tennis.

We’d like to list all the volunteers here, but I’m afraid we’d leave someone out. (Crowd control isn’t our strong suit.) So let’s just say, you know who you are, and you’ve got a lot of good tennis karma coming your way. We’re going to include a few photos on this webpage/email to give a sense of the event. (Just know that depending on your individual security settings on mobile devices, some folks won’t be able to see the photos. Check out the website if you want the full graphics!)

This is just one of the first, baby steps toward BTA and its members taking a more active advocacy position for Boulder tennis. We’ll keep in touch with next steps. And again, thanks to everyone who came out!

Collage of Sunday morning cleanup/weeding activities