Some courts returned to tennis-only and more get resurfaced

Tom Watson and Palo Park courts resurfaced

As many times as we’ve held Boulder Parks and Recreation’s feet to the fire for their sometimes underwhelming commitment to public courts, we have to give credit where credit is due. In the last month the Tom Watson (IBM) and Palo Park courts have been resurfaced and supplied with new nets. Both now look shiny and new – especially compared to the former condition – and ready for some serious use. While it’s great to have a pocket park like Palo once again playable, the introduction of Tom Watson (IBM) courts will have an outsized effect. (See image below.) With their four courts, they allow for larger social tennis groups, and – since they have no pickleball lines – will be usable for league play, just at a time when BTA was seriously considering leasing courts in Longmont to host matches for their “Boulder” Tennis Association teams. So here are two court locations to get out and enjoy in their prime!

Courts 3 and 4 at NBRC return to dedicated tennis courts

As we at BTA understand it, in response to some concerns about the neighborhood noise levels around the North Boulder Recreation Center, the two easternmost tennis courts have been returned to dedicated tennis-only courts. (Prior to this, all four NBRC tennis courts were open and available to reserve for pickleball.) We know that many tennis players who formerly played at NBRC abandoned the courts to pickleball. This is to let you know that these courts are available again on a tennis-only basis. So get out and reserve and start playing on those dedicated tennis courts! If we don’t use ‘em, we might just lose ‘em again – and we can’t afford to lose any playable tennis courts in Boulder.

Congrats to BTA teams who went to Districts

Finally, each year BTA claims bragging rights to some teams who fought their way through the regular season to make it to Districts (basically, the state championships for Colorado). This year the teams were…

  • Men’s 4.0 18+ (Captain Chris Decicco)
    Dylan Muzny, Igor Vayshenker, Cesar Suguitan, Johannes Steenekamp, Kyle Rogers, Scott Macbride, Fernando Cardenas, Arik Markus, Azhar Ahmed, Jason Baldwin, Jason Cox, Tucker Johnson, EzraLloyd Alvarico
  • Men’s 4.0 40+ (Captain Chris Decicco)
    Igor Vayshenker, Fernando Cardenas, Jason Cox, Arik Markus, Cesar Suguitan, Scott Macbride, Johannes Steenekamp, Jason Baldwin, Huan Nguyen, EzraLloyd Alvarico
  • Men’s 4.0 40+ (Captain Eduardo Martinez Escalante)
    Donald Bergal, David Zavala, Ty Gee, Kevin Davis, Marcelo Sousa, Rodrigo Garcia, Michael Pierce, Ryan Wellman, Andrew Grolnick,

That’s all for now. See you on the courts!

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Newly resurfaced Tom Watson tennis courts