Important Player Rules for Organized BTA Play During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Take part in a USTA league!

The USTA tennis league program is the largest, best-organized adult athletic league system in the country. Team and player ratings and rankings are entered into the national USTA database and updated after each match. And they travel with you around the country, so your magnificent victories in other states will still count when you move to Colorado! Meet other players from around the North Metro area, play competitive matches, and afterwards share a beverage and some snacks. Join in!

2021 League Brochure!

League teams are often made up of a group of players who know each other and play together regularly. For newcomers, infrequent players or players just looking for a change, finding a league team can be difficult. For help visit:

BTA Find a League ..and/or.. USTA League Search

Captains Information

If you are a league captain the Captains Information area of the CTA website is a must read. This information is essential for league team captains and gives details for running a well-organized team. It includes:

  • The Captain’s Guide and Responsibilities
  • The Captain’s Guide to Tennislink
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Calendars
  • Scheduling FAQ’s
  • Links to Playoff Information

View Synopsis of the CTA/USTA Leagues

In order to play league tennis, you need to do the following:

1 – Join the USTA:

You can do this online at the USTA website. The cost is $44/year and must be charged to a major credit card. Keep track of your USTA membership number! You will need this to register.


2 – Have an NTRP Rating:

You will need a current computer-generated NTRP rating or you will be required to rate yourself using guidelines provided by the USTA. If you do not have a current rating, you will need to self-rate. This can be completed on

3 – Join the BTA:

You will need to join the BTA before you can play in a BTA sponsored league.

Join BTA

4 – Contact your team captain:

If you played on a BTA team last year, you should contact your team captain. Your captain will need to submit their roster to the League Coordinator. All other prospective players should contact the League Coordinator and/or add your name on the BTA Find-A-League page. Once you have a team, players will need to REGISTER for the team using the form below:

2021 Full Price League Sign Up
Register for League New

The BTA has a limited number of courts available. Teams will be registered on a first-paid, first-registered basis. Therefore, it is imperative for all captains to register teams with the League Coordinators as soon as possible.

The BTA League Coordinator to contact with questions is:

Kathy Webber at – 303-960-5558.