Late season league play and Saturday drop-in to start

Socially distanced league play and drop-in are a go

Note: if you are not planning on playing on a BTA league team this season or attending BTA Saturday morning drop-in you can disregard this message.

Boulder Parks and Recreation has indicated that they are as eager as we are to get tennis safely happening again, and to get all community members outside and moving. To that end, they will begin allowing BTA to reserve courts for league play and for Saturday morning drop-in. So leagues and drop-in are back in business!

Safety first

Of course, the emphasis here is on SAFETY. We all recognize that tennis is the almost perfect COVID-era pasttime, a non-contact sport that has “built in” physical distancing (nets separating opposing players, with four players at most trying to cover 2800 square feet of court). And it’s true that BTA-hosted league play and Saturday drop-in both take place in outdoor venues where potential virus threat is rapidly diffused by open spaces, breezes, and sunlight. Nevertheless, it’s still important that we all exercise COVID-safe practices. None of us want tennis to contribute to any spike in Boulder-area cases, or to have our actions give someone else this virus.

Also, Boulder Parks and Recreation has required BTA to develop and submit a COVID-safe best practices document for its players. All players participating in league or drop-in will be expected to familiarize themselves with these practices and to adhere to them while involved in any BTA event (that includes any BTA-hosted league matches). The document will be made available on our website within the next day or so, and will also be available at both league matches and drop-in Saturdays before play begins.

I know this might sound like an extra layer of effort — one that most of us would rather do without. But we, the BTA Board, think it’s a price worth paying to get back to our regular league and drop-in play routine. So please read the rules, respect the rules, follow the rules. And no (or at least minimal) whining.

League play details

First off, our thanks to the Colorado Tennis Association (CTA) for making league play happen this year under very difficult circumstances. It couldn’t have been easy, but here we are, looking at league play. For BTA teams, things are happening fast, and this is all still a work in progress in terms of locking in the courts. But we can categorically say that there will be four leagues in this second season.

ITA Mixed (the 6.5, 7.5, etc. league)
Season: Aug. 16 – Sept. 27 (minimum roster registration deadline July 24)

CTA Twilight
Season: Aug. 17 – Oct. 1 (minimum roster registration deadline July 24)

CTA Women’s Summer Daytime Doubles
Season: Aug. 24 – Oct. 7 (minimum roster registration deadline July 31)

USTA Adult 65 and Over
Season: Aug. 25 – Oct. 8 (minimum roster registration deadline July 31)

For those already associated with teams, your captains will be in touch with organization and payment details. (Payment is complicated because you all got your BTA portion of league fees refunded, but USTA is still hanging on to their portion of your payment … No worries, we’ll work it out.) And for those  looking for a team, contact our BTA League Coordinator, Kathy Webber, at

Saturday drop-in details

Barring unforeseen circumstances, Saturday drop-in will be back in business as of Saturday, July 25 at Centennial Middle School courts, 2205 Norwood Avenue. Official play will start at 8:30 (note the new time) but it’s never a bad idea to get there early to warm up and get your name on the players list. The first 32 players are guaranteed a slot. New balls will be provided, but bring your own snacks and drinks.

Hit the courts

That’s all for now. Expect to hear more from us as details get locked in and/or issues arise. Other than that, see you on the courts!
 Parker Dodd, President of BTA Board