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Name Date Posted Phone # Gender Rating Match Type Additional Info
Lance Levy 11/09/2022 (781)956-2679 M 4.0, 4.5 Singles, Doubles Available to hit afternoons (week and weekend). Live in N. Boulder with access to 2 hard courts.
Patrick Wilk 11/12/2022 (808)369-6842 M 2.5, 3.0 Singles I’ve played sports my entire life and decided to learn tennis. If you’re looking for a hitting buddy or matches, feel free to reach out!
Colorado Tennis Recruiter 12/01/2022 F 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Newly forming 4.0 womens team looking for additional players, 6 strong players already committed. VERY successful previous seasons, looking for no drama, kind but competitive, and the ability to be available for districts, sectionals and nationals (you'd be shocked how many players "aren't available" for these events if the team qualifies)! Email to be put in touch for a meet up or chat with the team captains!
Anita Speirs 01/30/2023 (720)987-0195 F 2.5 Singles Im not sure if this is the right place to post. Im looking for someone to teach or play tennis with my almost 6 year old daughter. We live near the NBRC but willing to drive anywhere. Thanks so much! Any tips or suggestions are really appreciate it.
Kyle McMillan 01/13/2023 (402)960-9676 M 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed
Britt Allen 01/16/2023 (503)551-0807 F 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Live in S. Boulder, 30s - love to play singles/doubles/mixed. Nights and weekends preferred, but open!
Brad Michalchuk 02/1/2023 (281)768-1183 M 4.5 Singles I live in North Boulder and happy to play within 15-20 min radius. I prefer singles and like to get exercise but also play dubs.
Matt McAuliffe 02/08/2023 M 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 Singles
Halonah Paiss 03/05/2023 (720)612-9215 F 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed
Corbin Keown 03/11/2023 (940)435-9000 M 3.0, 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Downtown Boulder. Looking to play some points off the ground and get back into the sport
Luke Klein 04/02/2023 (303)819-8749 M 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 Singles South boulder, afternoons and wknds. Flexible.
Kofi K 04/13/2023 (720)683-2393 M 4.0 Singles
Michael Dobrzynski 04/16/2023 M 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed
Luke Athans 04/19/2023 M 3.0 Singles I work in Louisville and currently live in Denver, but will be moving to North Boulder in June 2023. I am looking to play some matches after work and on weekends. I have never had a tennis rating, but I played high school tennis and consider myself a 3.25 player.
Jack Burgoyne 04/20/2023 (313)442-3813 M 3.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed
Hannah Durhager 05/07/2023 (917)301-6922 F 2.5, 3.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Just decided to get back into tennis, I haven't played in probably 10 years but would love to start playing and meet new people. I'm 25 and live in the Boulder area.
Zachary Cohen 05/15/2023 (646)354-9126 M 3.5, 4.0 Singles flexible!
Sam Kaczaral 05/16/2023 (678)920-8697 F 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Used to play juniors and club level in college. Took a few years off but looking to get back into playing! Available most week nights and weekends
Bravo Juarez 05/28/2023 (919)631-9200 M 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed
Aiden Dowell 05/28/2023 (772)940-9181 M 3.5, 4.0 Singles Moved to boulder recently - Looking for people to hit with!
Kacey DePasquale 06/04/2023 (303)931-0868 F 3.0 Singles I played casually in high school but never had a rating. I'm 21 now and living in the north boulder. I'd live to find some people to hit with!
Steven Cloud 06/10/2023 (469)285-3399 M 3.5, 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed In Boulder for the summer & looking for people to hit with!
Aniket Agarwal 06/10/2023 M 3.0, 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Looking to get back into Tennis. I used to be pretty good in high school but haven’t played that much in the past 7 years. Looking to improve my game and have fun.
Alex Spalding 06/10/2023 (270)692-7073 M 4.5, 5.0 Singles
THOMAS SAUTIER 06/14/2023 (003)368-7702 M 3.0 Singles, Doubles Just arriving in Boulder, from France. My ranking
James Colegrove 06/19/2023 (336)971-1512 M 4.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed I'm looking to hit anytime around Boulder; feel free to reach out and set something up.
John Aronson 06/27/2023 (310)721-4673 M 2.5, 3.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Age 68
Cara Hoving 07/07/2023 F 3.5 Singles
Pete Carney 07/09/2023 (267)421-7733 M 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed
Jennifer Wittman 07/09/2023 (312)342-1775 F 3.5, 4.0 Singles Available weekday morning/afternoon depending on work schedule, after work and weekends. North Central Boulder but willing to travel.
Antoinette Maes 07/09/2023 (303)588-1476 F 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed
Ivan Espinosa 07/18/2023 (713)739-8840 M 4.0 Singles, Doubles Happy to play matches or just hitting practice
Eddie Deschapelles 07/24/2023 (305)458-6900 M 3.5, 4.0 Singles
Jon Etra 07/30/2023 M 3.5 Singles, Doubles Age=74; not weekends unless you want to join me and a few other 3.5 players in N. Boulder Sunday mornings (email me)
Brian Highland 08/01/2023 M 4.0 Singles Looking to play sets in Lafayette or Louisville! I live right behind Centaurus High School so that would be ideal.
Aaron Barnes 08/09/2023 M 3.5, 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed I'm in the Broomfield area but willing to drive. I'm looking for someone to practice with and maybe play some sets.
Raman Chadha 08/13/2023 (773)425-4349 M 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed A bit rusty of a 4.0, just started playing again after 4 years. Just looking to get my game back so I'm flexible with hitting, playing, singles, doubles, etc.
Taher Dohadwala 08/15/2023 (630)670-9930 M 4.0, 4.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed I live in east Boulder, looking to hit on weekdays/weekend and flexible.
Evan Athey 08/15/2023 (727)735-7864 M 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed
Dennis Polyakov 08/18/2023 (203)722-6307 M 4.0, 4.5 Singles
Jeremy Knittel 08/30/2023 (612)964-2659 M 3.0 Singles I am not terribly familiar with USTA ratings, but I think a 3.0 or maybe a touch higher feels right from what I’ve seen. Just moved to Boulder and looking to hit around after work or on weekends once a week or so.
Oskar Adamson 09/11/2023 (310)745-1891 M 4.0 Singles, Doubles I’m a junior at CU looking for people to play some tennis with. Down to play matches or just hit around.
Barry Solondz 09/12/2023 (190)875-5590 4.0, 4.5 Singles, Doubles I'm visiting Boulder for a month and looking to hit either singles or doubles. Generally available during the day or evening.
Camila Aristizabal 09/17/2023 (773)816-3453 F 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Played in college but haven’t played in a while.
Andrea Falkenheimer 10/01/2023 (518)265-3825 F 4.0, 4.5 Singles Would love to just hit— flexible schedule.
Kevin Valenzuela 10/07/2023 (361)207-1876 M 3.5 Singles, Doubles Let’s play tennis or pickle ball! Open early mornings or afternoons. Shoot me a text!
Nick Arciero 10/19/2023 (720)600-4670 M 4.5 Singles Getting back into tennis, looking to hit! Live near North Boulder Rec.
Michael Levy 10/25/2023 (970)426-5389 M 4.0, 4.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Strong 4.0 new to Boulder and looking to play! Live in Old North Boulder but happy to drive.
xiaoyan wang 11/30/2023 (832)708-6886 F 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed