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Name Date Posted Phone # Gender Rating Match Type Additional Info
Susan Crouse 01/04/2022 F 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Looking for people to hit or play wih, I live in southwest Longmont. Willing to drive to Boulder
Lori Mason 01/10/2022 (917)301-8639 F 2.5, 3.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed
Micah Nelson 01/22/2022 (202)420-1808 M 4.0 Singles Im hoping to hit for fun. I live in Lafayette.
Luke Klein 02/09/2022 (303)819-8749 M 4.0, 5.0 Singles South boulder, afternoons and wknds. Flexible.
Hilary Hartwig 02/18/2022 (925)864-2585 F 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed I'm in Longmont, but always willing to travel to play some fun tennis!
Tanya L. 02/21/2022 F 4.0 Singles Want to hit for fun either lady or gentleman, no preference. A
Emily Gholson 03/31/2022 (541)740-8836 F 3.0 Singles Live in Broomfield and have a lot of weekdays off
Sarah W 04/01/2022 (415)359-6744 F 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Mornings work best for me but can make afternoons sometimes.
Michael X 04/02/2022 M 5.0 Singles boulder
JAMES COLEGROVE 04/07/2022 (336)971-1512 M 4.5 Singles I'm looking to hit anytime around Boulder; feel free to reach out and set something up.
Dylan Beck 04/08/2022 (517)281-6420 M 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Live in Boulder. Available in evenings and on weekends 🙂
Julie Lockwood 04/14/2022 (303)859-1727 F 2.5, 3.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed
Jennifer Knight 04/15/2022 (720)318-5119 F 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed
Megan Murray 04/28/2022 (610)850-2626 F 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Live in Boulder, flexible during the day and weekends; singles or doubles
JT Daiker 04/29/2022 (720)442-4228 M 3.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed
Glenn Lopate 05/06/2022 (314)313-2972 M 4.0 Singles I'm new to Longmont. Hoping to meet new players and hit for fun.
Andrea Falkenheimer 05/06/2022 (518)265-3825 F 4.0, 4.5 Singles im a rusty 4.5-- so prolly playing as a 4.0 for the first couple sessions. would love to get out & rally/run around.
Alec Manougian 05/07/2022 (301)642-2545 M 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed In Boulder, ideally Tuesdays/Thursdays early evenings. 26yrs old. Causual playing (mainly a climber) but love a good competitive match
Mike Whitman 05/08/2022 (815)988-8323 M 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 Singles, Doubles I’m a 25 year old lefty, probably 4.0-4.5, looking to play matches or rally anywhere around Boulder!
Brian Macey 05/09/2022 (508)561-1484 M 3.0, 3.5 Singles Live in North Boulder. Looking for someone to hit with for fun, improvement, and exercise. I can play weekday nights or weekends.
James Duncan 05/10/2022 (303)210-5907 M 3.5, 4.0 I like to think of myself (59 yo) as a good hitting partner. I'm more into rallying, playing points, tie breakers, etc.
Shoshi Preuss 05/24/2022 (617)631-0021 F 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed 26 y/o, played club in college and high school and looking to get back into tennis. Am around weeknights and weekends
Matthew Richtel 06/05/2022 (415)218-1041 M 4.5 Not looking for a match but workout. I’m a clean hitting baseliner who hits at a high 4.5 level. Clean ball strikers sought for good workout.
Fletcher Wadsworth 06/05/2022 (307)371-8606 M 3.5, 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed 23 years old, in Boulder for the summer. Looking to rally or play matches. Available most days after 5.
Tamra Sattler 06/20/2022 (415)806-0673 F 3.0 Singles can play day/night or weekends. and have a court at my office.
karlston nasser 07/01/2022 (832)657-3510 M 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed i can bike mostly anywhere in boulder, my home court is arapahoe ridge, prefer early mornings in summer