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Name Date Posted Phone # Gender Rating Match Type Additional Info
Brian Highland 08/01/2023 M 4.0 Singles Looking to play sets in Lafayette or Louisville! I live right behind Centaurus High School so that would be ideal.
Aaron Barnes 08/09/2023 M 3.5, 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed I'm in the Broomfield area but willing to drive. I'm looking for someone to practice with and maybe play some sets.
Raman Chadha 08/13/2023 (773)425-4349 M 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed A bit rusty of a 4.0, just started playing again after 4 years. Just looking to get my game back so I'm flexible with hitting, playing, singles, doubles, etc.
Taher Dohadwala 08/15/2023 (630)670-9930 M 4.0, 4.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed I live in east Boulder, looking to hit on weekdays/weekend and flexible.
Evan Athey 03/05/2024 (727)735-7864 M 3.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed I live in Boulder. I am 32 and looking to play with someone around a similar age. I love to play singles, doubles, or mixed. Can play after 4:30 on weekdays and open for weekends. Looking to have fun and grow my skills.
Dennis Polyakov 08/18/2023 (203)722-6307 M 4.0, 4.5 Singles
Jeremy Knittel 08/30/2023 (612)964-2659 M 3.0 Singles I am not terribly familiar with USTA ratings, but I think a 3.0 or maybe a touch higher feels right from what I’ve seen. Just moved to Boulder and looking to hit around after work or on weekends once a week or so.
Oskar Adamson 09/11/2023 (310)745-1891 M 4.0 Singles, Doubles I’m a junior at CU looking for people to play some tennis with. Down to play matches or just hit around.
Barry Solondz 09/12/2023 (190)875-5590 4.0, 4.5 Singles, Doubles I'm visiting Boulder for a month and looking to hit either singles or doubles. Generally available during the day or evening.
Camila Aristizabal 09/17/2023 (773)816-3453 F 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Played in college but haven’t played in a while.
Andrea Falkenheimer 10/01/2023 (518)265-3825 F 4.0, 4.5 Singles Would love to just hit— flexible schedule.
Kevin Valenzuela 10/07/2023 (361)207-1876 M 3.5 Singles, Doubles Let’s play tennis or pickle ball! Open early mornings or afternoons. Shoot me a text!
Nick Arciero 10/19/2023 (720)600-4670 M 4.5 Singles Getting back into tennis, looking to hit! Live near North Boulder Rec.
Michael Levy 10/25/2023 (970)426-5389 M 4.0, 4.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Strong 4.0 new to Boulder and looking to play! Live in Old North Boulder but happy to drive.
xiaoyan wang 11/30/2023 (832)708-6886 F 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed
Will S 12/11/2023 (402)670-3843 M 2.5 Singles
Hana Koniuta 01/09/2024 (203)802-8255 F 3.0, 3.5 Singles Just trying to get better and play as much as possible! Weekends and evenings are ideal.
Luke Klein 01/25/2024 (303)819-8749 M 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 Singles South boulder, afternoons and wknds. Flexible.
Sasha Siabriuk 01/30/2024 (347)421-1028 F 3.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed I would prefer to play either in the mornings or evenings, and occasionally on the weekends.
Joseph Knee 02/06/2024 M 3.5 Singles, Doubles In my 20s, live in Gunbarrel but could travel in weekday evenings or on the weekend!
Brian Kauffman 02/29/2024 (303)601-9507 M 3.0, 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Solid 3.0 -- looking for doubles league, mixed or unmixed, 55+ but will do anything. Or practice, including singles, live near EBCC
Halonah Paiss 03/19/2024 (720)612-9215 F 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed
Jon Etra 03/19/2024 (303)443-8453 M 3.0, 3.5 Singles, Doubles Age=75; not weekends unless you want to join me and a few other 3.5 players in N. Boulder Sunday mornings
Cara Hoving 03/19/2024 (303)579-1676 F 4.0, 4.5 Singles, Doubles
Ivan Espinosa 03/19/2024 (713)739-8840 M 4.0 Singles, Doubles Happy to play matches or just hitting practice
James Colegrove 03/19/2024 (336)971-1512 M 4.5 Singles, Doubles
Anna Flick 03/20/2024 (812)827-3831 F 3.0, 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Hello! I'm looking to play some tennis more consistently this season. I played high school tennis and have a lot of experience from my youth (now 27) but am a bit rusty. I love competitive tennis but mostly looking to hit around and have a good time. Down to play with anyone at a similar level. Would love to hear from you 🙂
Antoinette Maes 03/21/2024 (303)588-1476 F 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Lafayette/Louisville Area
Britt Allen 03/24/2024 (503)551-0807 F 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Live in S. Boulder, 30s - love to play singles/doubles and esp mixed. Nights and weekends preferred, but open!
Lydia Karbum 03/29/2024 F 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Singles 3.5, mixed doubles 6.0
Andrea Compton 03/31/2024 F 4.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed
Alexandra herzenberg 03/31/2024 (410)409-5537 F 3.5, 4.0 Singles
James VanLieshout 04/03/2024 (954)205-1142 M 4.5 Singles, Doubles
Henry MacArthur 04/02/2024 (650)804-1462 M 4.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Currently in my 20’s looking for people to play casual and competitive tennis with. My preference is singles, but I am always down for some doubles! I played competitive tennis through highscool, but have been playing casually on and off since then. I live in north Boulder and am open to play on weeknights / weekends.
RIch Gioscia 04/17/2024 (303)898-8859 M 3.0, 3.5 Singles, Doubles I live in South Boulder and I am looking to play more frequently.
Yash Chandak 04/22/2024 (303)507-6065 M 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed I'm looking to start playing tennis again after four years. Mostly want to play casual tennis. Age 23.
Raman Chadha 04/30/2024 (773)425-4349 M 4.0 Singles Live between N. Boulder and Lyons, flexible to play weekdays and weekends
Alex Herron 05/03/2024 (720)309-3810 M 4.0, 4.5 Singles, Doubles Live in gunbarrel, so tom watson park is best but down to hit wherever. Just hitting or matches
Sofia Vidal-Cardenas 05/03/2024 F 3.0 Singles, Doubles Looking for some partners to play around Boulder. Mornings and evenings preferred, some weekends work as well.
Alexandra Richardson 05/07/2024 F 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed
Alec Cao 05/11/2024 (858)617-9212 M 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Live in N. Boulder. Just recently getting back into playing (age 25). Weekends or nights preferrable.
Antoinette Maes 05/18/2024 (303)588-1476 F 3.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed I live in Lafayette but will play in other areas.
Audrey Lebsack 05/18/2024 (970)658-7378 F 3.5 Singles I just graduated from CU and haven't played consistently in a few years, but hoping to play in the evenings after work
Josh Burger 05/23/2024 (203)814-0342 M 4.5, 5.0 Singles
Lance Levy 05/22/2024 (781)956-2679 M 4.0 Singles, Doubles Access to 2 private courts in North Boulder (part of HOA). Looking to hit, drill and receive lessons (if know of anyone offering)
JERRY GREENE 05/31/2024 (303)449-1232 M 4.0 Singles Central Boulder or CU Rec Center [phone is my landline, email is best.]
Bobby Virasingh 06/21/2024 (949)506-8965 M 4.5 Singles, Doubles, Mixed
Sam Drummond 06/25/2024 (205)937-5888 M 3.0 Singles
Lisa Fasullo 07/07/2024 (720)971-1972 F 3.0 Singles Looking for women to practice and play tennis with locally in and around Boulder
Marissa Cloutier 07/07/2024 (734)552-2711 F 4.5, 5.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Flexible schedule
Ryan Chen 07/19/2024 (970)829-2910 M 3.5, 4.0 Singles, Doubles, Mixed Hi! I’m a student at CU looking to get back in the game. I’m free for rallying or match play weekdays after 5 or most weekends