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Date Posted Name Phone # Gender Rating League Willing to Captain Additional Info
11/21/2022 Grace Gomez (505)604-7513 F 2.5 USTA Adult, Daytime Doubles (Women only), Mixed No I do not have a USTA rating
11/20/2022 Addison Price (678)559-9686 M 5.0 USTA Adult No Hi - new Boulder resident. I'm 30 y/o. Played lots of Junior tournaments and played on club team in college. Looking to get competitive again!
11/14/2022 Erin Kersten (312)720-9761 F 4.0 USTA Adult No Played D1 tennis 20 years ago; haven't played much because I've been doing triathlons, marathons, etc. Would love evenings or day time singles.
09/14/2022 Juan Vial (720)529-4657 M 4.0 USTA Adult, Mixed No Just moved to Boulder. 32 years old, looking for a league to play regularly
09/04/2022 Jason Wiener (720)431-9129 M 3.5 USTA Adult, Mixed No