2023 BTA Saturday morning drop-in

The official BTA Saturday Morning Drop-In season has finished. Meaning BTA no longer reserves and pays for the courts or supplies the balls.

BUT “unofficial” drop-in will continue at Centennial MS courts as long as the weather permits. PLEASE NOTE: Now that high school tennis is back in session, these courts can be taken over at any time without notice by high school practices or events. So definitely come to play, but be prepared to be flexible!



BTA presents an organized drop-in tennis event every Saturday morning, weather permitting, at the Centennial Middle School courts, 2205 Norwood Ave, Boulder, CO 80304. This summer the sessions will run from May 20 through August 19. Men and women of all levels are welcome, and a partner is not necessary! Drop-in is open to BTA members, but non-members are allowed two try-outs before being required to join BTA. (But you still have to register and pay for the try-outs. There is no free lunch!) 

Payment:  All players, both members and non-members, will be charged a $5.00 fee for each session to defray court costs. We encourage you to register online, but if you are not able to, or don’t make it by the registration deadline, you can bring payment with you to the courts. (One or five dollar bills only! Coins are not accepted and change is not given.) The online registration deadline is 3:00 p.m. the Friday before the session.

Online registration:  Registration for the upcoming Saturday drop-in will be available online starting the Sunday before the event. If for any reason you cannot attend a session after you registered, or if you get rained out, you can request a refund or apply your payment to another session. Please contact dropin@bouldertennis.org so we can make the adjustments.

Arrive early to get assigned according to your level:  Drop-in officially starts at 9:00 a.m. Whether you registered online or are a walk-on, please arrive at least ten minutes early. This allows the organizers time to set up court assignments consistent with your ranking. If you show up any later than 8:50, you may be assigned to any court available, regardless of your ranking. 

The way it works: Around 9:00 the drop-in organizer assigns groups of four, based on their skill level, to each of the courts. Then all those foursomes play for 40 minutes. At the end of 40 minutes the coordinator calls a halt to that round and everyone rotates: the winners move up a court and the losers move down a court, with the pairs splitting up so they play with different partners. Play for another 40 minutes and do it again. At the end of the second round, some players start dropping out, but we usually have enough left to play another round or two, depending on who’s left and how hot it is.

BTA Drop-In is a popular, well-attended event and a great way to meet other tennis players in our community. Come join the fun!

For more info, contact dropin@bouldertennis.org.

Woman playing tennis