BTA Saturday drop-in begins May 18 at Tom Watson Park

(Updated May 13, 2024)  


  • Location:  Tom Watson Park courts, 6180 N 63rd St, Boulder, CO 80301
  • Day and Time:  Every Saturday morning during the summer. Play starts at 8:30 a.m. Arrive on time because court assignment begins then.
  • Payment:  $5.00 cash. (No early or online payment this year.) One or five dollar bills only. Coins or checks not accepted, change is not given. No money, no play.
  • Membership:  BTA membership required, but you are allowed two try-outs before committing. (However, you still have to register and pay for the try-outs. There is no free lunch!)
  • Level of play and partners:  Men and women of all levels are welcome, and a partner is not necessary! (See “How it Works” below.)
  • How it Works:  Sign in on the sign-in sheet when you arrive, with name and approximate rating. Around 8:30 the drop-in organizer assigns groups of four, based on their skill level, to each of the courts. Then those foursomes play for 30 – 40 minutes, depending on whether there are people waiting to play or not. At the end of that time the coordinator calls a halt to that round and everyone rotates: the winners move up a court and the losers move down a court, with the pairs splitting up so they play with different partners. Play for another round and do it again. At the end of the second round some players start calling it a day, but we usually have enough left to play another round or two, depending on who’s left and how hot it is.

BTA Drop-In is a popular, well-attended event and a great way to meet other tennis players in our community. Come join the fun!

For more info, contact

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Attention: the Boulder Tennis Association has been actively advocating for more and better courts for several years: organizing attendance of public meetings, speaking to city council, working with Parks and Recreation, publishing editorials, and more. And we are getting results! Check out this page to see what we’ve accomplished. But these results require constant diligence and effort. If you are concerned about public tennis in Boulder, please support our efforts by joining BTA. BTA is not just for league members – it’s for everyone who wants to improve tennis in Boulder. For the cost of a couple of fast-casual meals, you can help! Go to our BTA Membership page and sign up now!

See you on the courts.