The Boulder Tennis Association (BTA) is a volunteer driven, non-profit organization dedicated to providing social and competitive play to all levels of local tennis players.

As the organizing body of the tennis community in Boulder, we plan tennis events and advocate for quality tennis programs and tennis facilities in our community. Our organization is built around the values of accessibility, diversity, and the many benefits of playing tennis. Your continued support of the BTA makes tennis more available and more enjoyable for everyone in Boulder!

The Boulder Tennis Association (BTA) was established in 1967 by a group of local tennis enthusiasts. Over the years, the BTA has been responsible for many important and well-attended tennis functions and has supported the City of Boulder in promoting tennis opportunities.

We are an Organizational Member of the United States Tennis Association, the Intermountain Tennis Association, and the Colorado Tennis Association.

We are a member-driven, volunteer organization, with non-profit 501(c)7 status. See our by-laws.

Board of Directors

2020 BTA Officers

President – Parker Dodd
Secretary – Rick Killian
Treasurer – Linda Levy
Past President – Tim Petrosky

Board Members

  • Karen Tuke
  • Kathy Webber
  • Sylvia Henderson
  • Eduardo Martinez-Escalante
  • Timmy Bromell
  • Chris DeCicco